• Excursion First Aid Kit

Excursion First Aid Kit


The Excursion First Aid Kit will never leave you stranded. This MEGA tin is the perfect complement for your life filled with fun. First house, apartment, car, RV, camper, cabin or a housewarming or college gift - we have your back, elbows, knees covered! When you're ready for anything, everything is possible.

- 72 Count Standard Fabric Bandages in Various Patterns

- 54 Count Small Fabric Bandages in Various Patterns

- 18 Waterproof Bandages in Nautical Patterns

- 6 Count Rectangle Fabric Bandages in Classic Patterns

- 1 Roll of Tape

- 8 Count Non Stick Pads

- 10 Wound Prep Pads

- 10 Butterfly Strips

- 10 Count Triple Antibiotic Packets

- 10 Count Hydrocortisone Packets

- 1 Vial - 16ct Ibuprofen