Our Stories

  • Rainy Day Fun

    Estes Park is known for glorious sunshine and beautiful weather in the summer. But we do get regular mountain showers and those can put a damper on your outdoor fun. So, we thought we would give you some ideas for rainy day activities if you find yourself here on a wet day. We love Reel Mounta... View Post
  • Meatless in Estes

    Today, one of our shoppers came up to the counter and asked if I could recommend a good place to eat. He explained that he was going to bike on Trail Ridge Road all the way from Estes Park to Grand Lake and then would turn around and bike back in one day. He was looking for a place that would be ... View Post
  • "It's so nice you can have your kids with you at the shop!"

    One of the main reasons my sister Dani and I were so passionate about going into business for ourselves was that we wanted jobs where our children could be with us. We kept this in mind as we shopped for retail space and ultimately fell in love with our second story location that has 1,000 square... View Post