Meatless in Estes

Today, one of our shoppers came up to the counter and asked if I could recommend a good place to eat. He explained that he was going to bike on Trail Ridge Road all the way from Estes Park to Grand Lake and then would turn around and bike back in one day. He was looking for a place that would be really filling and added that he is vegetarian.

I was excited to hear this because Dani and I and our families are also vegetarian. We believe it is a kinder, gentler way to live and we love recommending the great places we’ve found to eat veggie here in Estes Park. We will share our top picks with you and don’t worry, you can be a meat eater and still completely enjoy these recommendations! 

  • Scratch Deli and Bakery has delicious, made from scratch, breads and fresh sandwich ingredients. Our favorite is their grilled cheese that comes with cheddar, pepper jack, and cream cheese. I usually add tomatoes to mine to cut a bit of the richness but it’s delicious either way. They also have beautiful, fat breakfast burritos that you can fill with your choice of cheese, eggs and potatoes.
  • El Mex Kal is a place that the locals love. Just know in advance that it’s not about the ambiance, it’s about the food! They serve giant portions of cheese enchiladas, chile rellanos, and chalupas (we sub beans for the meat options). We basically choose our Mexican restaurants based on their chips and salsa though, and El Mex Kal’s are the best!
  • Two Chicks Wings and Henhouse is a food truck and not a place you would expect to find great vegetarian options. But the owners are the nicest ladies and have catered to a variety of special diets. Their cauliflower wings and made fresh daily bleu cheese dressing make this a must-stop!
  • Wapiti Pub has a great hand-pressed veggie burger. The majority of places seem to add the veggie burger as an afterthought but Wapiti does theirs right. It is a flavorful patty and comes with pepper jack cheese and is topped with an onion ring.
  • The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern has a warm, inviting ambiance which includes live acoustic music on most nights during the summer. We love that they always have great vegetarian options. Even if you are a person that prefers to order the sides you will find unique options such as sautéed kale, mashed sweet potatoes and polenta.
  • Café Nepal has a lunch buffet that is small but packed with incredible, flavorful meatless options. You can always count on fresh, warm naan, creamy curried vegetables, sautéed green beans and perfectly spiced saag. You’ll also want to take a minute to talk to the owner. The reason the place is filled with pictures of Mt. Everest? He used to be a Sherpa!

We know there are more great places that we haven’t tried yet or forgot to mention. So, leave us a comment and let us know where you love to eat veggie. Until then, we’ll continue eating our way around Estes Park looking for the best meatless options!